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            一、選擇合適的關鍵詞 在做競價之前首先需要確定的是要做的關鍵詞是什么。如果選擇的關鍵詞與你的產品或服務沒有太大關聯的話,那只會白白浪費掉錢而已;而如果你的目標客戶群體比較明確的話,那就應該把主要精力放在這些有針對性的詞語上面去。比如你是做化妝品的,那你就應該把"美白"、"保濕"等這樣的詞作為重點考慮對象。

            二、了解用戶的需求 做競價的最終目的是要實現銷售的目的,所以一定要對潛在客戶的購買意圖有一個明確的把握才行。在做競價前能夠做一個市場調查或者向已經使用過該產品的顧客詢問一下他們的需求情況。

            三、選擇合適的時間 一般來說在早上8點-10點左右這段時間內咨詢量是最多的 ,因為這個時段正是上班高峰期的時候 ,人們都比較空閑 ,而且這個時間也是網民瀏覽信息最集中的時間段 。

            四、設置合理的出價 由于每個行業都有其自身的價格體系 ,所以在設置價格時也要注意不能盲目跟風 ,要根據自己產品的特點以及競爭程度來制定合理的價格方案。


            五、提高質量度 要想提高質量度就必須要有穩定的訪問量和較高的轉化率 。這就要求我們在日常的工作過程中要多關注競爭對手的網站動態 、多到百度知道上回答相關問題等等。

            六、保持穩定的排名 一個好的排名對于網站的流量來說是非常重要的,要想獲得一個好的排名必須要有穩定且持續上升的訪問量才能達到這個效果。

            七、及時調整 如果發現自己的賬戶出現了異常要及時進行調整以免造成損失。多渠道全行業開戶推廣,專業代運營,愛江湖科技。


            Bidding network promotion

            1、 To select the right keywords, you need to first determine what keywords to do before bidding. If the selected keyword is not related to your product or service, it will only waste money; If your target customer group is clear, you should focus on these targeted words. For example, if you make cosmetics, you should focus on such words as "whitening" and "moisturizing".

            2、 The ultimate purpose of bidding to understand the needs of users is to achieve the purpose of sales, so we must have a clear grasp of the purchase intention of potential customers. Before bidding, you can do a market survey or ask customers who have used the product about their needs.

            3、 Choosing the right time is generally the time between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., when the number of inquiries is the largest, because this time is the rush hour for work, when people are relatively idle, and this time is also the time when Internet users browse the information most intensively.

            4、 Setting a reasonable price Because each industry has its own price system, we should pay attention not to blindly follow the trend when setting prices, and we should formulate a reasonable price scheme according to the characteristics of our products and the degree of competition.

            5、 To improve the quality, it is necessary to have stable traffic and high conversion rate. This requires us to pay more attention to the website dynamics of our competitors and answer relevant questions on Baidu Knows in our daily work.

            6、 Maintaining a stable ranking A good ranking is very important for the traffic of the website. To obtain a good ranking, you must have a stable and rising traffic to achieve this effect.

            7、 Timely adjustment If you find that your account is abnormal, you should adjust it in time to avoid losses. Multi channel and industry wide account opening promotion, professional agent operation, love Jianghu technology.

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